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Search Engine Optimization is one of those things that if you know the right information, a business owner can do themselves; however, there is so much information out there, and you need to spend so much time to execute to get results. We will take that hassle out of you and be worry-free that the technical stuff being done to your website is the right dose for your online success. We’ve been doing SEO since 2008 and pleased lots of clients already. We are sure that you will also be delighted with your success with Keyforge.

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Affordable SEO services for Small Business

Aren’t low-cost services bad?

We understand that some SEO providers are preaching that Cheap SEO services are awful and some even express that such provider is a snake-oil trader.  To some extent, I agree. Of course, you cannot believe someone who will charge $199 per month to take you on the first page of Google for the term “best hotel” or “korean makeup” with the promise that he will do this for three months. There is just no way that this is possible.

However, getting an affordable SEO service compared to your local provider is possible through SEO outsourcing. There is a reason why even multi-billion companies like Apple does not manufacture iPhone in the US but Asia. And one of the main reasons is because of the money that they will save to pay for the workers and middle level engineers that are in Asia.

If Apple is willing to outsource manufacturing their iPhone outside of US to save money, why don’t you want to save money and get a discounted (possibly 30-40% cheaper) SEO service outside your country?

How reliable is your SEO services?

Money is not the only reason why Apple outsourced the manufacturing of their iPhone to China. Yes, getting a discount sounds excellent, but I believe Apple will pull out the plug if 50% of their iPhones are sent to customer service. But this is not the case because despite being paid lower than their US counterpart, the workers and engineers are doing their jobs well done. They know the technical knowledge and information that they need to know about the iPhone, and they can accomplish the things that are required to be done.

This is the same thing in SEO outsourcing.

SEO professionals around the world have the same access to all the information Google publish on their websites. Our experts here in Keyforge are always checking the updates and information for Google’s Developer Guidelines. At the same time, we are making ourselves aware to the patents that Google are submitting so we could stay stay ahead of what the giant search engine’s plan in the future. Moreover, we are also part of different SEO groups that discuss the various ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization. The members of such groups come from all over the world. These information, knowledge, and discussions help us to stay on top of the things that are happening on SEO world so that our clients don’t need to do the heavy lifting of research, testing, and development.

In the end, the result is a reliable and affordable SEO campaign for our clients.

Search “Keyforge SEO”, and you will see that we have a 4.9 rating on Google My Business. You could check my personal Linkedin profile where more than 20 real business owners gave their recommendation to me. Check it here.

How are we going to start?

Discovery: The first thing that we need to do is to see if we can help you. Please take note that if you have a medical condition, a doctor first assess if he can help you or not. If you have a situation that he cannot solve, he will refer you to another doctor. To know this, he will need to ask you questions about your background, what you feel, and other things. In the same, we need to know some things about your website and about your business in general. If you are ready, please check and fill up our Connection Form.

Audit: After you submit information in our connection form, we will thoroughly check the details you provided. In this stage, we will consider your business goals and target. We will also identify your competition and challenges. And we will determine if we could work together to achieve your business goals. Within 72 hours after you used your connection form, you will receive a video audit that will highlight general information about our findings, research, and possible strategic plan for a successful SEO campaign.

Terms: After you receive our video audit, we highly recommend that we schedule a Video conference meeting to talk about our terms and agreement. There are times that some inquire about our SEO packages. If you also want to know about that, please take note that we don’t have a cookie-cut SEO package. We believe that every SEO campaign is different and having an SEO package is counter-intuitive. Regarding the terms, we could settle it during our video conference call.

Launch:  After we agreed on the terms of your SEO campaign, we will start doing SEO for your website as soon as possible. At this stage, please expect us to ask access details to your Hosting, Website, and some Google properties such as Analytics and Search Console if you already have them. Also, if you have some social media accounts, we also want to get some access to them to maximise them for SEO purposes.

Ready to Move Forward?

We like helping businesses to succeed but we only work with a limited amount of clients at any given time. Fill up our connection form and get your FREE Audit.

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