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May 15, 2018
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business outsourcing to the Philippines

You may or may not heard ‘outsourcing,’ but this is something you or your company might consider if you want to grow your business cost-effectively.

For years, most of the clients of Keyforge are not from our own country. Despite being based on the Philippines, companies from Australia, USA, and the UK are outsourcing their Web Design projects and SEO campaign to us. It’s been a win-win for us since. Of course, it did not come without a few challenges, but the reward for our clients and us are enough reason to continue offering our services to the world for more years to come.

Generally speaking, Outsourcing is paying someone or company from abroad for services or tasks you need to be done for yourself. Because the internet made the world smaller, the workforce available to you is from all over the world. Because of instant messaging applications and email, communicating to the other side of the world is a breeze. Now, if you are thinking about the quality of result that you will get, you will be surprised that even workers from places like Philippines and India are competitive enough compared to your local provider.

Well, this is a bold statement from someone in the Philippines. I am not sure if you think I am biased in my opinion. But to prove my point, I sent some questionnaires to one of my connections on Linked to talk briefly about outsourcing. Below are the questions I sent Mike O’Hagan and the answers he sent back to me.

1. Briefly, who are you and what do you do?
Mike O’Hagan, a Serial Entrepreneur with nine businesses in 3 countries employing about 1000 staffs. I do NOT work in the day to day of any of my businesses because I’m semi-retired.

2. How did you start in Business Outsourcing in the Philippines?
Australian based – about 18 years ago I started using home-based. About eight years ago, that evolved into me using staff leasing then co-managed space in Manila.

3. What are the challenges that you encounter in Outsourcing?
Development of our internal processes – understanding the cultural differences – appreciating it’s no longer about low-level process workers, but now it’s about high-level thinkers and doers. Learning then avoiding the traps.

4. What are the best advantages of outsourcing specifically in the Philippines?
Christianity means same values – American Education standards are best in World – Third largest English speaking Country – really really nice people – and time zone. Some solutions are developing very high-end productivity. Direct cost savings in the order of 75% to 90% with up to 3 times the productivity levels.

5. Basically, what are the typical projects or tasks that a company could outsource?
Anything facing a Computer or Voice/Visual – the trend is from “process” to more knowledge-based, thinking skills. I have Filipinos online and on phones SELLING Removals (that includes closing the sale) into Australia – sitting next to brilliant marketers and great Computer coders – all managed by Filipinos.

6. What is your recommendation for companies that are looking to start outsourcing some aspects of their business?
Learn and understand ALL the different options BEFORE you listen to salespeople flogging their own solution. Understand if YOU or a third party needs to control work quality. Home or office based. Location differences/issues. If you want to outsource to a service OR develop your own team, focused on your business.

There you go. That is a high-level viewpoint of someone who is in business outsourcing for lots of years. If you want to reach out Mike and learn more about what he does, especially business outsourcing, email him at

Now, let’s talk about SEO outsourcing.

For a businessman from US, UK, or AU, one of the tasks that you could outsource here in the Philippines is your Search Engine Optimization campaign. This perfectly makes sense since SEO campaign is done by various individuals with different sets of specialization. Because of this, it is more cost-effective to outsource your SEO campaign than do it with an in-house team. Besides, SEO is always filled with ongoing updates and strategies are ever changing. For a team that only has one set of data to handle, it will difficult to keep up.

Here in Keyforge, we are handling lots of SEO and Internet Marketing campaign. Because of the data we handle, we understand the overall scenario of the latest trends in doing SEO today. If you are curious about outsourcing your SEO campaign, contact us today for more information.

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