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The first page of Google is a like a prime office location where all of your target customers pass by. It means your website will always have visitors that are exactly looking for your business. Your website will always be busy. If it is really like an office, you will need plenty of janitors.


Ka-ching... Ka-ching...

If you have lots of visitors in your office, do not forget to smile. All these visitors are your potential clients. If you do your job well in assisting them, no one can stop your company to grow. If you are not serious about growing your business. This is not for you. Make sure that there is someone answering your business phone. It will be too hot to handle.

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Logo and Web Design

If you are just starting your business and you need someone to design your logo, you are in the right place. On the other hand, if you need someone to create or redesign your website, we specialize in creating mobile friendly and high converting websites that are cost-effective even for startups.

Social Media Management

We have seen that there are many business social profiles that are not being regularly updated. A business can easily lose a recurring clients or customer because the business owners failed to engage his business followers. It's true that social media management is time-consuming. That's why we developed a system to help you manage your Facebook page, Twitter, and Linkedin Accounts.

Search Engine Optimization

We pride ourselves as experts in Search Engine Optimization. Our strategy is not only taking the top spot on Google, but we dominate the first-page results. We will help your business to become visible for potential customers and clients. You will get more leads who will create an avalanche of profit for your success.

Internet Marketing Campaign

We understand that running a business can be tedious and demands a high amount of focus. Understanding and learning the technical stuff of online marketing are truly daunting for business owners yet you know that it is important for your success. Let us help you. We will launch and maintain your Internet Marketing Campaign without giving you stress.

seo manilaHi. It is William here and welcome to Keyforge. We take pride in our ability to dominate Google search engines. If you need help to grow your business through the internet, we can help you achieve that goal.

Most probably, you already understand the power of having your business rank in Google. Most likely, you landed on this page because you used terms like “SEO Manila” or “SEO services Manila.” These are not the only terms where we were able to rank our web site. If we can do this for our SEO company, we can also do it for your business.

Choosing an SEO Company Manila

Do not look on the budget. The cheapest package is rarely the most cost-effective strategy. If the SEO package is cheap, most probably, the service is cheap. A bad SEO done to a website is more likely to incur damage than help. Search Engine Optimization service is not a prime service. It is not a static industry. It is very dynamic that it is very crucial to be updated with all the changes and updates of Google.

It is why a reputable Manila SEO firm is not cheap. An Internet Marketing company should also be dynamic, constantly learning and investing to know the new ideas and tools to make the SEO campaign successful since the trends in doing SEO always change.

But, of course, the most important aspect is the Return on Investment.

An SEO package can be costly, but the SEO campaign should be clear to pinpoint all the details to get the highest ROI. It is why a thorough research is very important before launching the SEO campaign. Any SEO firm that gives a quote without thoroughly investigating the business doesn’t have any idea how Search Engine Optimization works.

Here in Keyforge, it is not only about ranking in terms such as “SEO Manila”. We as an SEO company Manila will make sure that you will get high ROI before you commit anything to us. We will do the necessary research first before we give you a quote. But, of course, we will NOT promise that we will take you as our client. We carefully select our clients because we care so much about our reputation and the success of our chosen clients.

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