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The first page of Google is a like a prime office location where all of your target customers pass by. It means your website will always have visitors that are exactly looking for your business. Your website will always be busy. If it is really like an office, you will need plenty of janitors.


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If you have lots of visitors in your office, do not forget to smile. All these visitors are your potential clients. If you do your job well in assisting them, no one can stop your company to grow. If you are not serious about growing your business. This is not for you. Make sure that there is someone answering your business phone. It will be too hot to handle.

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Logo and Web Design

If you are just starting your business and you need someone to design your logo, you are in the right place. On the other hand, if you need someone to create or redesign your website, we specialize in creating mobile friendly and high converting websites that are cost-effective even for startups.

Social Media Management

We have seen that there are many business social profiles that are not being regularly updated. A business can easily lose a recurring clients or customer because the business owners failed to engage his business followers. It's true that social media management is time-consuming. That's why we developed a system to help you manage your Facebook page, Twitter, and Linkedin Accounts.

Search Engine Optimization

Looking for best SEO company Philippines? We pride ourselves as experts in Search Engine Optimization. Our strategy is not only taking the top spot on Google, but we dominate the first-page results. We will help your business to become visible for potential customers and clients. You will get more leads who will create an avalanche of profit for your success.

Internet Marketing Campaign

We understand that running a business can be tedious and demands a high amount of focus. Understanding and learning the technical stuff of online marketing are truly daunting for business owners yet you know that it is important for your success. Let us help you. We will launch and maintain your Internet Marketing Campaign without giving you stress.

Are you looking for SEO Expert Philippines?

Hi. I am William. I love meeting people who are passionate in growing their business. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is a big mistake. For a business owner, that kind of mindset is a deadly mistake. But I want to congratulate you because most probably, you landed on this page because you are looking for a new way to grow your business.

SEO PhilippinesI will guess the reason you are here in our site is because you are looking for someone who can help you rank highly in Google. Most probably, you found us because you searched Google for the keywords where we rank highly – keywords such as SEO Expert Philippines, SEO Consultant Philippines, and SEO Philippines. Our competitions for these keywords are individuals and agencies who do Search Engine Optimization exclusively. If we can rank above against our competitions, just imagine what we can do for your business.

How SEO services Philippines can Help my Business?

Are you wondering how websites appear on the first page of Google for certain keywords? It is because those websites are Search Engine Optimized. If you are a business owner, you know that the location of your business is very crucial for the success of your company. It is the same thing in the Internet age. Since, more and more people use Search Engines like Google to find what they need, ranking your website for a relevant keyword for your business can make a huge impact to your business growth. As an SEO firm, it is crucial for us to rank for terms like SEO company Philippines. If our competition appears on the first page and we are not, it is like handing our potential customers to our competition. On the other hand, ranking on first page of Google, especially on the top 3 spots are like having the best spot in the city for your business. It will set the golden age for your business.

SEO Philippines

For sure, it is possible to learn the discipline and skills in doing SEO. However, let me tell you that it is more cost-effective to have an expert take charge your Internet Marketing campaign. Getting results in doing SEO is not an overnight task. Also, there is a learning curve that is needed to become successful with it. Yes, you can hire employees to do this in-house but think about this. Search Engine algorithm changes all the time. Who do you believe will solve the algorithm faster when it changes, those who are handling one project or those who have lots of project and experience. If you need SEO done for your websites, your best route is to leave it to the experts.

Some Reviews

5(based on 7 reviews)
  • Great Services in philippines ever Wixpa Zeeshan 08/19/2016
  • Great Service +++ Outstanding Results +++ Thank you very much for all client rankings !!! Web Design Maidstone 08/01/2016
  • Awesome experience to work with and fast international results. Got to love this company! Martin Kleinheinz 06/15/2016
  • I couldn't hardly believe the amount of traffic our website got after getting the top spot. I would highly recommend Keyforge for anyone needing more traffic to their webpage. Alan Leenhouts 05/29/2016
  • Great experience! Very knowledgeable and helpful about the business community in the Philippines, and also very knowledgeable about what's needed for good SEO Susan MacDowell 05/01/2016
  • These guys are freaking amazing with the results that they helped me get a client. You see, I'm actually a digital marketer that had a huge client that I simply couldn't do all of the work myself. So, I partnered up with KeyForge and we ranked my client #1 for several very competitive keywords. My client is ecstatic about the results and I'm ecstatic with how how KeyForge helped me. Honestly, if I had tried to do 100% myself it would have been a massive failure. But since I worked with KeyForge, it was a 100% success. Sure, I'd tell anyone that will listen to hire me but, clearly, you're already interested in KeyForge's services. Therefore, here's the question you should ask yourself, "If an SEO expert trusts them, why shouldn't I?" Ed Brancheau 04/13/2016
  • The KeyForge team is always available to help me and my company. I highly recommend them for SEO services as they were able to get my company website from nowhere to now on page 1! I highly recommend this team, you don't find customer support like this any more. Jorge Rodriguez 03/28/2016

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If your website is not ranking on the first page of Google for terms relevant to your business, then you should decide to stop losing clients to your competitions. Let us help you. But, before you commit to us, we want to give you a favor. Let us check your business website and we will give you a FREE website audit (no strings attached). We want to know if we can become partners for your success.


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