Why Do I Need SSL / HTTPS For My Website?

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February 19, 2018
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why ssl https for your site

Have you noticed the address bar on some of the websites? Some of the website’s address will start with ‘http://’ while some other websites will start with ‘https://’. ‘What is the difference between these two?’ one might ask. The difference is that those websites have an SSL certificate and have migrated to HTTPS. It doesn’t make sense at first, right? You might be asking why they are migrating from HTTP to https.

It’s all about making your website or blogs secure. The migration is not going to affect your downtime and SEO visibility. But before we go into why you need SSL to secure your website, let me brief you about this new-fangled term.

What is HTTPS/SSL and why should you opt for one?

HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure and is an internet standard to ensure secure communication between your browser and any web server. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s a security protocol for establishing encryption between a browser and web server. The SSL ensures all data transferred between a web server and a browser is encrypted.

The Internet is a place for multiple frauds. The reason is that Internet is not secure. It is easy for anybody to read and look over your activity. But this happens when you communicate with an ‘http’ site. This is because the information is out in the open and anybody can easily access the information. When you search or read about something, anybody could be tracking you. Maybe the government or maybe even your neighbour.

But with a site that has migrated to ‘https’, this is impossible. Because the data that you’re communicating is encrypted from the prying eyes. It is impossible for others to know what you’re surfing or reading about. Hence, there is a feeling of security and you could easily carry out things like card transactions that see frauds all over the world. As long as your information is secure, you can use the internet without giving it a second thought.

Have you seen a green colored lock on the address bar? That is an indication that your data is encrypted and that you’re on the right server.

Why should you get an SSL certificate?

Secure information

By now, everybody knows that ‘https’ is the secure website. Which means, whenever you have a visitor on your website, there are more chances that he’s viewing the address bar to see if you have an SSL certificate. Only on finding that will they begin to interact with your site. This is especially true when you’re going to give the website confidential information. This could be your credit card number or sensitive personal information. Leakage of such information could prove costly to the visitor. So, when you are a website that is offering products or services for sale, always ensure you buy an SSL certificate. Only this will fuel your business growth.

Similarly, when you have an SSL certificate, customers are sure to know that you are a registered business and that you own the domain. Thus, SSL certificate enforces trust on to the customer.

Faster loading website

What is more satisfying than a faster loading website to your visitor? It is a known fact that a website that takes more than 10 seconds to load never captures user’s attention. The visitor will not intend to visit the website yet again, especially if the visitor has a faster internet connection. With an SSL certificate, the performance and the load time of your website increases. HTTPS now works with an HTTPS/2 protocol. The HTTPS/2 protocol allows faster connection for all the new web browsers than the HTTP protocol. Hence, SSL certificate improves the performance of your website.

Better ranking on SEO

What is the relation between SEO and SSL? SEO is all about ranking while SSL is about security, right? But Google has a check in place. Google is particular when it comes to security. And that’s what they are doing to the websites that have security over the others. On Google Chrome, on visiting a website without ‘https’ you’re likely to find ‘Not Secure’ highlighted in the address bar. This means that it is not good to feed the website with sensitive personal information. So, when it comes to Google – search engine, no matter how much SEO tricks you do, Google will give mileage to the ‘secure’ websites. If there are two e-commerce sites with one having a secure website, Google is likely to place it on the top than the other website.

So, it is important not only to invest in search engine optimization but also in the SSL layer to feature your business on top of the search results.


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